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E-mobility Index: the number of fast DC chargers in Poland is on the rise

According to data from the end of May 2023, a total of 42,859 passenger and commercial all-electric vehicles (BEVs) were registered in Poland. During the first five months of this year, their number increased by 9 134 units, i.e. 71% more than in the same period of 2022. – according to the E-mobility Index, launched by PZPM and PSPA.

At the end of May 2023, 76 683 electric passenger cars were on Polish roads. The fleet of fully electric cars (BEV – battery electric vehicles) numbered 38,671 and the fleet of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) amounted to 38,012. The number of electric vans and trucks was 4,188 units, of which BEVs accounted for more than 99%. There is also a steady increase in the fleet of electric mopeds and motorbikes, which at the end of May comprised 17,452 units, as well as the number of plug-in hybrid cars and vans, which increased to 556,218 units. At the end of last month, Poland’s electric bus fleet grew to 885 units.

In parallel to the fleet of electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure is also being developed. At the end of May 2023, there were 2,836 publicly available electric vehicle charging stations (5,597 charging points) in Poland. 31% of these were direct current (DC) fast charging stations and 69% were slow alternating current (AC) chargers of 22 kW or less. In May, 68 new public charging stations (157 points) were brought into operation.

– Public infrastructure operators are installing more and more direct current fast charging stations. Since the beginning of the year, their share of the charger network has increased from 29% to 31%. Between January and May, 93 DC and 110 AC stations were deployed. This is a very good result, taking into account the fact that investments in equipment of the former category are associated with much higher financial effort and the process of connecting fast chargers generally takes longer – says Maciej Mazur, the Managing Director of PSPA.

– Taking into account the recent figures for electric vehicle registrations in Poland, it is important to emphasise that in the case of passenger cars, the year-on-year increase almost doubled and that this trend has been maintained for the last few months. As far as commercial vehicles are concerned, the number of their registrations is growing much more dynamically and in May alone – compared to May last year – it was 200%. If we look at registrations of electric vehicles over 3.5t, we can see that the increases are at the level of 4,000 %. Of course, we are still talking about relatively small numbers, but the scale of the increase shows how dynamically this part of the market is growing. It is also pleasing that, after a periodic decline, the number of electric buses hitting the streets of Polish cities
is on the rise – says Jakub Faryś, President of the PZPM.

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