Polskie Stowarzyszenie Nowej Mobilności



Automotive, Energy, Retail, Infrastructure, Consultancy, Financial, Legal, Transport, Municipal

Industry cooperation

PSNM brings together over 120 companies from the entire e-mobility value chain, including vehicle and infrastructure manufacturers, charging service operators, fuel and energy companies, financial institutions, transport companies, technology suppliers and other entities and institutions that are active in the field of sustainable transport

Full representativeness

All leading automotive brands cooperate with the organization and charging points belonging to PSNM partners cover approx. 90% of generally accessible stations in Poland. Among the Supporting Members of PSNM there are also 30 largest cities in Poland, renowned consultancy companies and law firms. PSNM is the third largest industry organization in Europe in terms of the number of associated legal entities


Partnership, Integration, Acceleration

Partnership network

As part of an extensive network of partnerships, PSNM also cooperates with many industry and social organizations, building broad support for initiatives and projects. The organization is also involved in acceleration projects, while working closely with leading academic and research centres in Poland and abroad.

High dynamics

Annually, the organization runs about 50 projects aimed at supporting participants of the e-mobility market in Poland. On average, a new project is initiated once a week and various communities are involved in its implementation. PSNM is also the most “mediagenic” industry organization in Poland.


Building competencies

PSNM is a team of recognized experts and practitioners with sector experience and knowledge gained in the industry. Professional staff conducts training activities as part of the PSNM Competence Centre. Standardized courses, both for e-mobility professionals and beginners, carried out in cooperation with TÜV SÜD Polska, serve to build competences and develop the qualifications of Polish companies’ employees in the field of e-mobility

Courses and training

PSNM lecturers and instructors, with documented theoretical and practical knowledge, also conduct training for the public sector. So far, over 1,500 Polish officials and representatives of municipal enterprises have been trained as part of the nationwide “E-mobility in practice” program, addressed to representatives of local government units. Off-site training sessions have been held in over 30 Polish cities


Legislative process

PSNM experts actively strive for a friendly economic environment, submitting numerous opinions and positions on draft legal acts being the subject of public consultations. Currently, with the participation of almost the entire Polish e-mobility industry, PSNM is implementing a wide-ranging project of legislative changes – the “E-mobility White Paper”. Its purpose is to identify and remove barriers to the free development of sustainable transport in Poland


Tax and Tariff, Local Government Support, Market Support and Promotion, Hydrogen Technologies, Building Infrastructure, Public Infrastructure

PSNM Working Group

Works on individual postulates for changes are underway within several Working Groups, including Taxes and Tariffs, Public Infrastructure, Building Infrastructure, Local Government Support, Market Support and Promotion, and Hydrogen Technologies. Representatives of interested entities debate and consult projects during real life meetings and by consulting digital documents.


New Mobility Congress, Global e-Mobility Forum, MOVE Congress

Industry events

PSNM is very active in the public forum. It organizes the largest industry events, including New Mobility Congress, MOVE Congress – Mobility & Vehicles as part of the Poznań Motor Show, as well as the Global e-Mobility Forum. Every year, about 5,000 people take part in events organized by PSNM. In addition, PSNM experts participate in over 100 external events in Poland and Europe


The organization has also undergone a digital transformation, building competencies in online conferences and training. It has its own technical and recording studio facilities. As part of the open webinar projects carried out with partners such as the Office of Technical Inspection, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Embassy of Israel or the Embassy of Germany, a high attendance and interest of participants were recorded


Polish <br>EV Outlook, New Mobility Barometer

Research and analyses

The activity of PSNM also covers a wide area of research and analyses, which resulted in numerous publications. On average, the organization publishes more than 20 focused, publicly available and commissioned reports each year. According to estimates, our e-books reached over 50,000 people. “Polish EV Outlook”, “New Mobility Barometer”, “Catalogue of electric vehicles” – these are just some of periodical publications issued by PSNM each year

Reports, Guides, Analyses

Publications and reports

As part of its publishing activities, PSNM covers a wide range of topics, including an analysis of the charging station acceptance procedure, the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels, Clean Transport Zones or good practices resulting from the electrification of public transport. Moreover, it produces richly illustrated guides, such as the “Compendium of e-mobility” or infographics


Implementation projects

As part of the developed E-mobility Identification System for Poland, PSNM submitted over 50 proposals for e-mobility-related graphic solutions, including vertical and horizontal road signs. 81 signs were painted on 10 bus lanes in Łódź, with a total length of 15 km. Our designs of signs informing about charging points can be found in many parking lots and stations

Zero<br> Emission Mission, Fleet<br> with Energy

Pilot projects

Together with industry partners, PSNM also carries out pilot projects, such as “Zero Emission Mission” or “Fleet with Energy”. For several weeks, PSNM experts studied the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of electric and conventional vans in actual in-use conditions. For this purpose, they covered the distance of 11,000 km. 16 partners were involved in PSNM projects. Two comprehensive reports were prepared


Market monitoring

PSNM monitors the e-mobility market in Poland and Europe on an ongoing basis. For this purpose, it established the Alternative Fuels Market Observatory. A weekly market monitoring report reaches several thousand recipients. The organization also monitors the media on a daily basis. Moreover, PSNM is the publisher of popular internet portals containing a comprehensive collection of the most important information from the sustainable transport sector

Registers and indexes

PSNM, together with the Polish Automotive Industry Association, launched the E-mobility Meter, available on the organization’s website. As a result, anyone interested can find out how many electric vehicles are currently on Polish roads and how many publicly available charging stations are in operation. PSNM also keeps its own register of charging points in Poland, constantly updating the interactive map


Awards and distinctions

As part of the “E-mobility Leaders” and “Global e-Mobility Leader” rankings, PSNM annually grants distinctions to entities that are most involved in building sustainable transport in Poland and in the world. For this purpose, the achievements of hundreds of entities are analyzed. In a different ranking, companies most involved in the promotion of sustainable transport in Poland are granted the “e-Mobility Media Awards” statuettes for their educational and marketing activities.

International activity

PSNM is also involved in international projects. Maciej Mazur, the Chief Executive Officer of PSNM, is the Vice-President of AVERE, the largest and oldest industry organization related to e-mobility in Europe, where he is responsible for projects supporting the development of sustainable transport in the Central and Eastern Europe region

Own conference centre

PSNM has also launched the New Mobility Centre at ul. Fabryczna 5A in Warsaw – a modern and cooperative meeting place for the Polish e-mobility industry, with training and conference functions

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