Polskie Stowarzyszenie Nowej Mobilności

Maciej Mazur

Chief Executive Officer

Vice-President of AVERE

Business practitioner with many years of experience in the energy sector. Since 2012, he has been connected with the alternative fuels industry, in particular with the electricity sector (e-mobility). He has worked, among others, on the implementation of the largest infrastructure investments in Poland and advised companies from the fuel, automotive, financial and FMCG industries. A graduate of International Relations, specializing in International Trade Policy at the University of Warsaw. He also has an MBA diploma. In the course of preparing his PhD dissertation in Economics. Author of numerous publications in the field of energy and social communication. Speaker at many industry debates and conferences.

Łukasz Witkowski

Chief Operating Officer


Vice-President and co-founder of PSPA, practitioner in the field of operational management, with knowledge of the operation of commercial companies and capital groups in the alternative fuels industry. For over a decade, he has been connected with the electrical power sector in Poland. He has many years of professional experience, mostly in managerial and project management positions. He has worked, among others, in one of the largest capital groups in the electrical power sector in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as on the largest infrastructure investments, strategic for the country's energy security. He also managed the knowledge-related activities of the oldest employers’ organization in Poland. At the beginning of his career, for almost 10 years, he was connected with journalism. He was also an editor-in-chief. Organizer of numerous congresses and industry conferences. Author of articles, reports and opinions related to the energy industry. A graduate of European Studies, Political Science, Management and Marketing. Social Economy Angel in the UN Project for Development

Aleksander Rajch

Member of the Management Board

Chief Expert

Lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Corporate communication and public affairs practitioner. He has gained his experience on the energy, financial and FMCG markets. He also manages a public relations agency and several projects in the field of new technologies. He is an enthusiast of innovations and solutions of the future. As an avid sailor and skier, he genuinely believes in building dynamics and movement without exhaust gases. At PSPA, an expert in international relations and autonomous technologies.

Leszek Dubel

Magda Furmanek

Chief Creative Officer

Economist and art technician. A graduate of the Department of Transport and Logistics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk. She has experience in the field of infographics and data visualization. She has been working with PSPA since 2018. She deals with the design and creation of graphic materials for events, printing and digital media, as well as typesetting and graphics of publications issued by PSPA.

dr inż. Maciej Gis

Rzecznik Prasowy

Kierownik biura komunikacji i rzecznik prasowy PSPA

dr inż. Maciej Gis

Wojciech Jakubczak

Project Manager

He coordinates cooperation with PSPA Supporting Members. Responsible for cooperation with local governments and the organization of a series of training "E-mobility in practice", carried out in several dozen of the largest cities in Poland. He has conducted numerous training programs in the field of e-mobility for public institutions and automotive concerns. He develops projects related to hydrogen technologies. For many years connected with the energy and environmental protection industry.

Albert Kania

Data Analyst

A graduate of Renewable Energy Technology major. He graduated from engineering studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, defending his thesis in the field of e-mobility development strategy. At PSPA, he is responsible for data analysis, the development of new mobility and the knowledge contribution of published reports in the field of e-mobility. Passionate about automotive industry, RES and new technologies.

Klaudia Koseda

Łukasz Lewandowski

Paweł Mazur

Filip Olczak

Jakub Rytka

Agata Wiśniewska-Mazur

Jan Wiśniewski

Chief Expert

Since 2017, the Editor-in-Chief of the Alternative Fuels Market Observatory portal, alternative fuels market practitioner with many years of experience, author of numerous reports, articles and publications on issues related to the development of sustainable transport, member of the Audit Committee of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, Legal Counsel. As an e-mobility enthusiast, he participated in many promotional and research projects related to electric cars, conferences and industry events.

Marcin Woźniak

Marketing Manager

He graduated from the Poznań University of Technology, Faculty of Management Engineering. He gained his professional experience working in a publishing house, as the head of the department, introducing new industry products to the market, managing a team and in the event industry being responsible for the organization of congresses and conferences as well as relations with key customers. At PSPA, he plans and implements the company's marketing strategy, at the same time creating the image of the organization by running social media and implementing assumptions of communication with partners.

Katherine Zhukova

Piotr Ziółkowski

New Mobility Expert

Ekspert ds. Nowej Mobilności zajmujący się budową społeczności użytkowników pojazdów elektrycznych w Polsce, będący również orędownikiem rozwoju elektryfikacji w sektorze transportu ciężkiego. Absolwent kierunków Zarządzania w Szkole Głównej Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego oraz na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim z bogatym doświadczeniem z zakresu rozwoju elektromobilności po stronie importerów branży motoryzacyjnej

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