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Let other EV users know how long you will be charging your car – a joint project, LeasePlan and EV Klub Polska, is launched, with the support of the electromobilni.pl and PSPA social campaign.

A survey of the preferences of electric vehicle drivers, carried out by EV Klub Polska, shows that 32% of users regularly use publicly available charging stations, and 12% supplement their electricity in batteries almost exclusively or exclusively at publicly available stations. Comparing these values ​​to the total number of electric cars in Poland, which at the end of December 2021 was 18 795 units (data from the electromobility meter created by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association and the Polish Automotive Industry Association), this means in practice over 8,000. drivers who thus replenish the energy in their cars.

– Driving an electric car brings many benefits. It is quiet, economical and, above all, has a positive effect on the environment. We are therefore happy that every year there are more zero-emission vehicles on our roads and the number of enthusiasts and users of e-cars is growing, also as part of long-term rental offered by our company. To support this ecological trend, together with EV Klub Polska we launched the # CzekanieNaŁadowanie campaign. As part of the project, we provide a special watch, thanks to which the user of the charging station will be able to inform other users at what time he will finish charging his car and release the station – says Rogier Klop , Managing Director of LeasePlan.

Maciej Mazur , managing director of PSPA adds: – The dynamics of electromobility development requires supportive measures. As a leading promoter of e-mobility in Poland and the region of Central and Eastern Europe, we undertake and support a number of legislative and educational initiatives. One of them is the # CzekanieNaŁadowanie project, implemented by LeasePlan and EV Klub Polska, which can ensure an electromobile symbiosis between EV users. We support this type of initiative.

I inform, load and leave

The watch is a simple and convenient to use clock face made of laminated, stiff cardboard with a time scale with the message “My car will be charged until X o’clock, then I will make this space for you.” The name of the item comes from the words EV (Electric Vehicle). The additional bright color of the housing makes it impossible to miss, as well as the readable values ​​on the dial. The obverse of the timepiece is described in Polish and the reverse in English. Thanks to this, the watch can also be used during trips abroad.

– The watch can be left behind the windshield of the car, just like a parking ticket, marking on it the time by which you intend to charge. It is an extremely simple and at the same time helpful additional element of the car’s equipment for EV drivers, so we believe that the popularization of this timer will contribute to building good practice – when you drive up to a busy charger, you will know when it will be released. This will allow you to save time to look for another, free charging point – explains Łukasz Lewandowski , head of EV Klub Polska.

Receive your watch!

Do you drive an electric car and you don’t have such a gadget yet? That’s not a problem – you can get a free copy. Just write an e-mail to: waitingnaladowanie@leaseplan.com , containing your name, surname and address, and LeasePlan and EV Klub Polska will send it to you.

The watches will also be distributed in various Polish cities by EV Klub Polska during monthly #MonthlyMeetUp meetings, which aim to integrate the community of EV users belonging to the club and exchange experiences. These cyclical rallies are held on the first Sunday of the month at predetermined locations. Find information about meetings on the club’s Facebook profile ( https://www.facebook.com/EVKlubPolska</ a>).

The # CzekanieNaŁadowanie campaign is organized by LeasePlan Polska and EV Klub Polska. The campaign is supported by: Polish Alternative Fuels Association and the social campaign elektrobilni.pl .

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